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About Us

We're Connecto

Whether you are looking to book a transfer or you prefer a city tour or an excursion you have come to the right place.

We're Professional

Relax and leave the planning of your journey to our competent and friendly staff with years of experience in the field of tourism.

We're your Personal Driver

A highly skilled and experienced personal driver is at your service no matter where you need to go.

  The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step!  








Who we are

Swiss-taxi.com is a company specializing in the organization of private transfers for groups of all sizes.

What sets Swiss-taxi.com apart from its competition is a combination of a myriad of factors such as a high quality staff coupled with a qualified and cordial customer service at your disposal 24/7 with the purpose of facilitating the booking process as well as ensuring a smooth and impeccable finalization of your transfer service.

In constant communication with our exceptional customer service is the driver's team composed of professional and experienced individuals. Moreover it is worth noting that we take pride in our vehicle fleet as well since all our vehicles are new and very well equipped.

In addition, our top priority is to ensure a pleasant and safe driving experience which we strive to do right from the outset to its conclusion and we do it with flying colors at unmatched prices.

In conclusion if your are looking for a professional, enjoyable and punctual transfer service that offers great value for money combined with an attentive and skilled staff with an eye for detail, then Swiss-taxi.com is an ideal choice for you.